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Art Classes

Art Classes at Torrance Arts Academy focuses on building a strong foundation of visual arts expression. Classes are offered to students ages 4 and up. Private lessons are also offered. All our art classes are ongoing throughout the school year. Tuition is $145/month for all art classes listed below.

Pre K Art

Age 3.5-5

Designed for the little beginners to learn art basics while fine-tuning their fine motor skills. Projects include drawing, painting, 3-D art, and more!!

Art Adventure 1 / 2

Adventure 1: Age 5-7
Adventure 2: Age 7-9

These group art classes explore multiple forms of media like drawing, painting, pastels, 3-D art, and more!

Cartoon & Sketch

Age 6-10

Learn to draw cartoons, sketching, and illustration. Basic drawing techniques will be covered as well as coloring concepts.

Art Portfolio 3

Age 11+

Just like Art Adventures I & II, this weekly art class is for tweens and teens. While this class is for older students, there are no prerequisite classes or experience necessary.

Drawing Fundamentals

Age 9+

Students will expand and develop their observational abilities. Technique in line, shape, volume, proportion, cross-contour, perspective, light, and space will be covered.

Anime, Cartoons & Sketch

Age 8-12

This class is for the student who would like to learn how to draw Japanese-style cartoons. Drawing and sketching techniques, as well as color concepts are covered.

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