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Music Group Classes

We want the lessons to be fun and enjoyable for all of our students. Students have fun when they start to speak the language more fluently. It’s our job to equip the students with the technique, skills, and vocabulary so that they can express themselves freely. Students also have the opportunity to perform throughout the year.

Singing 1

Age 6-9

In this 12 week group class, beginner students learn basic singing techniques, fundamentals including posture, breathing, vocal warm-ups, and introduction to vocal performance. Emphasis is on improvement of the singing voice.  There will be a group performance at the end of the 12 weeks in June and December.

Mini Music

Age 3-4

Little students start their musical path by being introduced to the basics of music including rhythm, singing, and exploring different instruments. This is a 12 week session class.

Intro to Piano

Age 6-9

This class is perfect for the piano newcomer. In this 12 week group session, beginner pianists will learn what they need to be confident to take private lessons. Posture, finger placement, and introduction to note reading are amongst what students will learn.

Intro to Guitar

Age 6-9

This 12 week introductory class is for young students with no previous guitar experience. Parts of the guitar, posture, hand position, proper tuning of the guitar, along with basic chords, single notes, and strumming will be covered.

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